Crocosource allows users to discover cryptocurrencies, ICOs, companies and the people behind them. Our goal is to create a transparent and unbiased historical database for the decentralized future.

Crocosource was founded as an automated data source about innovative coins, tokens and companies which create or utilize blockchain technology. We built a unique and scalable approach to data collection leveraging automated API crawlers, our network of world’s top blockchain accelerators and funds, and strong community of contributors. All this data is processed by our in-house data teams armed with powerful machine learning.

We gather information from sources like:

  • Exchanges and markets;
  • Source code repositories;
  • Blockchains;
  • Social media and communities

in real time and publish valuable data insights.

Crocosource does not provide any financial or investment advice, however we want to write about the most transparent blockchain companies, the most active founders and the most used cryptocurrencies in the world. The idea behind the project is to become a “traffic conditions” (or a “weather forecast”) for the cryptocurrency market.

We will help you to stay updated and not to miss any valuable data among the fuss on the markets.