Cardano (ADA)

Rank #11
$0.04090 (0.18%)
0.00001100  BTC
Market Cap
25,927,070,538 ADA
Circulating Supply
Prev Open Volume 1 Day Range
$0.04082 $0.04060 $13,516,850 $0.04059 - $0.04112

Cardano ADA Price Chart

Cardano price for today is $0.04090. It has a current circulating supply of 25,927,070,538 ADA and a total volume exchanged of $13,516,850.

Categories: Smart contracts Dapps

Tech Info

Algorithm Ouroboros
Proof type PoS
Is mineable +
Total supply 45,000,000 ADA
Launch date Oct 2017

Market Info

Price $0.04090
Volume 24h $13,516,850
Change 24h 0.18%
Change 7d -1.45%


Cardano is a blockchain project and a platform that supports smart contracts functionality. It’s creators take a research-first approach to the development of the platform and base their work on a scientific philosophy.

The idea behind the Cordano’s approach is to develop a platform that will be as efficient and reliable for developers as possible. The system runs on a functional programming language Haskell that presents a high degree of fault tolerance, while this language’s lightweight version called Plutus is utilized for the development of smart contracts on the platform. One of Cordano’s core goals is to deliver a product that will stay relevant on cryptocurrency market that constantly changes and evolves. In building the platform, they use a multi-layer approach that allows for significantly changing the parts of the system without breaking its integrity.

As the platform ought to be robust and sustainable, some of its main features are yet in progress. E.g., the testnet that that allows users to build and run smart contracts on Cordano’s virtual machine was launched only in May 2018. Many important features are also to be released, some of them are side-chains, quantum resistance, and multi-currency ledger.

The founders of Cordano both worked for Ethereum. In fact, one of them, Charles Hoskinson is a former Ethereum’s CEO.

Cryptocurrency Symbol Cardano Price Market cap Volume 24h
Cardano ADA $0.04090 $1,060,363,477 $13,516,850

Parent Project

Cardano (ADA)

Rank #11
$0.04090 (0.18%)
0.00001100  BTC

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Cardano US Dollar
1 ADA 0.04090 USD
5 ADA 0.2045 USD
10 ADA 0.4090 USD
20 ADA 0.8180 USD
50 ADA 2.04 USD
100 ADA 4.09 USD
250 ADA 10.22 USD
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10000 ADA 408.98 USD
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1 USD 24.45 ADA
5 USD 122.26 ADA
10 USD 244.51 ADA
20 USD 489.02 ADA
50 USD 1222.55 ADA
100 USD 2445.11 ADA
250 USD 6112.77 ADA
500 USD 12225.54 ADA
1000 USD 24451.07 ADA
2000 USD 48902.15 ADA
5000 USD 122255.37 ADA
10000 USD 244510.73 ADA