Rank #13
$161.86 (-0.07%)
0.01694  BTC
Market Cap
8,875,549 DASH
Circulating Supply
Prev Open Volume 1 Day Range
$161.98 $162.01 $248,097,326 $158.34 - $162.76

DASH Price Chart

Dash price for today is $161.86. It has a current circulating supply of 8,875,549 DASH and a total volume exchanged of $248,097,326.

Categories: Privacy Anonymity Payments

Tech Info

Algorithm X11
Proof type PoW/PoS
Is mineable +
Total supply 22,000,000 DASH
Launch date Jan 2014

Market Info

Price $161.86
Volume 24h $248,097,326
Change 24h -0.07%
Change 7d 4.59%
Change month -3.90%


Dash (a portmanteau of Digital Cash) is a payment-focused cryptocurrency. It is a Bitcoin fork that quickly became successful due to its (at the time) innovative features and the niche its claiming at the market. Dash aims to be a digital cash platform and a payment method for regular users, those who are “not interested in cryptocurrency.” It is adopted by many merchants, mostly from Europe and North America. With DASH you can pay for online services, entertainment, physical goods, business services and even for precious metals.

Dash has engaged with a massive community of crypto activists and investors thanks to some pivotal improvements they made over Bitcoin:

  • Dash was the first cryptocurrency to implement a second-tier network called Masternodes. It, first of all, allowed for adding privacy to transactions and increasing their speed.

  • Private transactions feature called Darksend allows a sender to hide his and receiver's user ids.

  • Dash enables transaction confirmations within a few seconds with a technology called InstantX. Technically, it locks transaction from the sender’s wallet right away after it was sent and makes it irreversible before all the needed calculations take place. This feature also helps to prevent double spending.

  • Transaction fees on Dash are tens times cheaper than those on Bitcoin.

  • Dash also stands out from many of its competitors due to its fully decentralized governance structure. Anything, from marketing to changes in the protocol can be proposed and voted on by the community.

Cryptocurrency Symbol Dash Price Market cap Volume 24h
Dash DASH $161.86 $1,436,626,838 $248,097,326

Parent Project


Rank #13
$161.86 (-0.07%)
0.01694  BTC

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1 DASH 161.86 USD
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10000 DASH 1618634.32 USD
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1 USD 0.006178 DASH
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50 USD 0.3089 DASH
100 USD 0.6178 DASH
250 USD 1.54 DASH
500 USD 3.09 DASH
1000 USD 6.18 DASH
2000 USD 12.36 DASH
5000 USD 30.89 DASH
10000 USD 61.78 DASH