Litecoin (LTC)

Rank #8
$23.04 (-5.01%)
0.007131  BTC
Market Cap
59,569,267 LTC
Circulating Supply
Prev Open Volume 1 Day Range
$24.25 $23.65 $327,791,463 $22.81 - $23.75

Litecoin LTC Price Chart

Litecoin price for today is $23.04. It has a current circulating supply of 59,569,267 LTC and a total volume exchanged of $327,791,463.

Categories: Payments

Tech Info

Algorithm Scrypt
Proof type PoW
Is mineable +
Total supply 84,000,000 LTC
Launch date Feb 2010

Market Info

Price $23.04
Volume 24h $327,791,463
Change 24h -5.01%
Change 7d -7.12%
Change month -46.53%


Litecoin (LTC) is one of the oldest cryptocurrencies on the market. It was created as a Bitcoin fork in 2011 by former Google engineer and rapidly gained popularity among cryptocurrency enthusiasts, miners, and traders. The new cryptocurrency differed from the original as it offered:

  • lower transaction fees;

  • 4x faster transaction confirmation time;

  • 4x larger maximum amount of coins available for mining;

  • different cryptography algorithm.

For a long time, Litecoin was referred to as silver to Bitcoin’s gold. It had a specific niche of a coin that was very similar to the TOP-1 cryptocurrency, but at the same time, it had its value for crypto market participants. LTC just like BTC was perceived as a trading asset rather than something that has practical value. At different points in time, it was rated among TOP-10 or TOP-5 cryptocurrencies by the market capitalization.

In 2017 Litecoin has started to grow in popularity as a currency for actual transactions, as a payment method. One of the reasons for that is its compatibility with the Bitcoin API, which means that the former can be integrated just alongside with the latter. Indeed, Litecoin is slightly more suitable for small transactions due to its features. Recently it got popular on Asian gaming platforms and marketplaces.

Cryptocurrency Symbol Litecoin Price Market cap Volume 24h
Litecoin LTC $23.04 $1,372,392,299 $327,791,463

Litecoin (LTC)

Rank #8
$23.04 (-5.01%)
0.007131  BTC

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Litecoin US Dollar
1 LTC 23.04 USD
5 LTC 115.19 USD
10 LTC 230.39 USD
20 LTC 460.77 USD
50 LTC 1151.93 USD
100 LTC 2303.86 USD
250 LTC 5759.65 USD
500 LTC 11519.30 USD
1000 LTC 23038.60 USD
2000 LTC 46077.19 USD
5000 LTC 115192.98 USD
10000 LTC 230385.97 USD
US Dollar Litecoin
1 USD 0.04341 LTC
5 USD 0.2170 LTC
10 USD 0.4341 LTC
20 USD 0.8681 LTC
50 USD 2.17 LTC
100 USD 4.34 LTC
250 USD 10.85 LTC
500 USD 21.70 LTC
1000 USD 43.41 LTC
2000 USD 86.81 LTC
5000 USD 217.03 LTC
10000 USD 434.05 LTC