Monero (XMR)

Platform Monero
Rank #11
$44.47 (-6.78%)
0.01271  BTC
Market Cap
16,635,500 XMR
Circulating Supply
Prev Open Volume 1 Day Range
$47.71 $47.75 $12,861,163 $44.04 - $48.24

Monero XMR Price Chart

Monero price for today is $44.47. It has a current circulating supply of 16,635,500 XMR and a total volume exchanged of $12,861,163.

Categories: Privacy Anonymity

Tech Info

Algorithm CryptoNight
Proof type PoW
Is mineable +
Total supply 18,400,000 XMR
Launch date Jun 2014

Market Info

Price $44.47
Volume 24h $12,861,163
Change 24h -6.78%
Change 7d -18.52%
Change month -58.07%


Monero (XMR) is a digital currency centered on user privacy and transaction untraceability.

All the transactions on Monero blockchain are mandatory hidden from the public. It means that, in theory, no one except for the sender and the recipient can discover their wallet ids as well as the amount of cryptocurrency transferred.

This feature differs Monero from Bitcoin and a majority of it descendants that keep transaction information in the clear on a blockchain making it public. Thus anonymity can be achieved only by hiding the identity of a holder of the wallet. All the units of Bitcoin can be traced, associated with previous transactions and, if they were used in shady or illegal operations, blacklisted by vendors or exchanges. Monero units cannot be traced; therefore this cryptocurrency can be defined as fungible.

All the described features Monero open up possibilities for its application for darknet markets. It seems to be utilized for illegal activities like fraud, gambling, drugs and arms trading. For example, right after hen-major dark web marketplace AlphaBay has added it as a payment method, the price of the coin noticeably increased. As of now, Monero remains mostly unaffected by capital controls and regulations.

Cryptocurrency Symbol Monero Price Market cap Volume 24h
Monero XMR $44.47 $739,846,186 $12,861,163

Parent Project

Monero (XMR)

Platform Monero
Rank #11
$44.47 (-6.78%)
0.01271  BTC

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Monero US Dollar
1 XMR 44.47 USD
5 XMR 222.37 USD
10 XMR 444.74 USD
20 XMR 889.48 USD
50 XMR 2223.70 USD
100 XMR 4447.39 USD
250 XMR 11118.48 USD
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1000 XMR 44473.94 USD
2000 XMR 88947.87 USD
5000 XMR 222369.68 USD
10000 XMR 444739.36 USD
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1 USD 0.02249 XMR
5 USD 0.1124 XMR
10 USD 0.2249 XMR
20 USD 0.4497 XMR
50 USD 1.12 XMR
100 USD 2.25 XMR
250 USD 5.62 XMR
500 USD 11.24 XMR
1000 USD 22.49 XMR
2000 USD 44.97 XMR
5000 USD 112.43 XMR
10000 USD 224.85 XMR