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$0.08593 (-1.63%)
0.000009000  BTC
Market Cap
8,999,999,999 XEM
Circulating Supply
Prev Open Volume 1 Day Range
$0.08736 $0.08593 $36,118,567 $0.08593 - $0.08593

NEM XEM Price Chart

NEM price for today is $0.08593. It has a current circulating supply of 8,999,999,999 XEM and a total volume exchanged of $36,118,567.

Tech Info

Proof type PoI
Is mineable -
Total supply 9,000,000,000 XEM
Launch date Mar 2015

Market Info

Price $0.08593
Volume 24h $36,118,567
Change 24h -1.63%
Change 7d 0.16%
Change month -3.16%


NEM (abbr. New Economy Movement) is a blockchain technology, and a cryptocurrency with its crypto coin called XEM. NEM offers “out of the box” solution for companies and app developers to integrate into their existing systems. The main areas of applications of the blockchain are fintech, notarization, authentication, dApps development and ICOs.

NEM platform is designed to have four main advantages over its competitors:

  • The blockchain was specifically designed to perform transactions in high speed.

  • Powerful API allows deploying blockchain without rebuilding the existing infrastructure of a software. API interface supports nine popular programming languages.

  • Smart Asset System enables deep customization of how NEM blockchain used in each application.

  • NEM’s architecture is built to be secure and stable through the use of Eigentrust++ and replacing on-blockchain “smart contracts” with a functionality of building block customization. NEM as well gives an option of creating private blockchain for companies and developers to have complete control over their internal data.

For businesses that require their information to be kept confidential, there’s a Mijin - blockchain software based on NEM platform. It offers integration with existing business’ systems providing it with a private permissioned ledger.

Cryptocurrency Symbol NEM Price Market cap Volume 24h
NEM XEM $0.08593 $773,383,905 $36,118,567

Parent Project


Rank #17
$0.08593 (-1.63%)
0.000009000  BTC

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NEM US Dollar
1 XEM 0.08593 USD
5 XEM 0.4297 USD
10 XEM 0.8593 USD
20 XEM 1.72 USD
50 XEM 4.30 USD
100 XEM 8.59 USD
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1000 XEM 85.93 USD
2000 XEM 171.86 USD
5000 XEM 429.66 USD
10000 XEM 859.32 USD
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1 USD 11.64 XEM
5 USD 58.19 XEM
10 USD 116.37 XEM
20 USD 232.74 XEM
50 USD 581.86 XEM
100 USD 1163.71 XEM
250 USD 2909.28 XEM
500 USD 5818.55 XEM
1000 USD 11637.11 XEM
2000 USD 23274.22 XEM
5000 USD 58185.54 XEM
10000 USD 116371.08 XEM