Zcash (ZEC)

Rank #21
$71.01 (4.01%)
0.01346  BTC
Market Cap
6,345,631 ZEC
Circulating Supply
Prev Open Volume 1 Day Range
$68.27 $70.36 $249,299,055 $69.77 - $71.74

Zcash ZEC Price Chart

Zcash price for today is $71.01. It has a current circulating supply of 6,345,631 ZEC and a total volume exchanged of $249,299,055.

Categories: Privacy Anonymity

Tech Info

Algorithm Equihash
Proof type PoW
Is mineable +
Total supply 3,685,156 ZEC
Launch date Oct 2016

Market Info

Price $71.01
Volume 24h $249,299,055
Change 24h 4.01%
Change 7d 3.08%
Change month 24.68%


Zcash (ZEC) is a cryptocurrency that gives users an option to settle private transactions concealing the sender, recipient, and amount of currency transferred. Being based on the Bitcoin Core code, Zcash possesses similar traits. I.e., it is open-source, works on a public blockchain, offers corresponding mining reward and even has the same supply limit of 21 million coins. However, Zcash uses modified hashing algorithm called Equihash that relies on miners’ RAM thus making the development of ASIC impracticable.

As it is possible to send both public and private transactions using Zcash, the digital currency is fungible. Meaning that coins can be unlinked from their history and exchanged as new ones. Therefore, units that were used in illicit activities will not remain banned by exchanges or financial institutions.

The organization behind Zcash is set up as a private company but not as an open source community like a majority of its competitors. What is more unusual, or rather unseen, 10% of all the mining rewards goes to Zerocoin Electric Coin Company and, as they claim, will be distributed among its stakeholders.

Cryptocurrency Symbol Zcash Price Market cap Volume 24h
Zcash ZEC $71.01 $450,586,900 $249,299,055

Parent Project

Zcash (ZEC)

Rank #21
$71.01 (4.01%)
0.01346  BTC

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1 ZEC → 71.01 USD

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Zcash US Dollar
1 ZEC 71.01 USD
5 ZEC 355.04 USD
10 ZEC 710.07 USD
20 ZEC 1420.15 USD
50 ZEC 3550.37 USD
100 ZEC 7100.74 USD
250 ZEC 17751.85 USD
500 ZEC 35503.71 USD
1000 ZEC 71007.42 USD
2000 ZEC 142014.84 USD
5000 ZEC 355037.10 USD
10000 ZEC 710074.19 USD
US Dollar Zcash
1 USD 0.01408 ZEC
5 USD 0.07042 ZEC
10 USD 0.1408 ZEC
20 USD 0.2817 ZEC
50 USD 0.7042 ZEC
100 USD 1.41 ZEC
250 USD 3.52 ZEC
500 USD 7.04 ZEC
1000 USD 14.08 ZEC
2000 USD 28.17 ZEC
5000 USD 70.42 ZEC
10000 USD 140.83 ZEC