Skein algorithm coins

The Skein hashing algorithm was created to meet several goals. First of all, it should be optimized in a way to use as less memory as possible, Second, it had to be able to survive all existing types of hash function attacks. Finally, the function had to be optimized according to the standards of 64-bit processors. The developers successfully achieved all of these goals. As a result, we now have a secure and effective crypto mining algorithm.

# Name Price 1 Hour 1 Day 1 Week Market Cap Volume(24h) Price Graph(24h)
1 Numus NMS $0.01872 11.95% 16.99% -13.74% $51.50K $1.71K
2 Bitcoin Planet BTPL $0.001629 -0.06% -35.81% -2.60% $11.09K $10