Ripple (XRP)

Rango #2
$0.4412 (-1.86%)
0.00009700  BTC
Capitalización de mercado
40,327,341,704 XRP
Monedas en el mercado
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$0.4496 $0.4355 $1,145,735,653 $0.4162 - $0.4573

Ripple XRP Gráfico de precios

Cotización del precio de Ripple para hoy es $0.4412. Tiene actual suministro de 40,327,341,704 XRP y total volumen de intercambio de $1,145,735,653.

Tech Info

Proof type PoS
Is mineable -
Total supply 99,991,958,570 XRP
Launch date Feb 2013

Market Info

Precio $0.4412
Volume 24h $1,145,735,653
Change 24h -1.86%
Change 7d -10.49%
Change month -3.64%


Ripple is an enterprise payment solution based on blockchain technology. It connects with banks, payment providers and exchanges enabling them to transfer their assets throughout the Ripple network. The platform can work with digital currencies and digitized assets that represent fiat money, commodities or, virtually, any assets including airline miles or loyalty points.

Compared to traditional financial services, Ripple offers significantly lower fees for cross-border transactions along with fewer liquidity requirements. Therefore, it is popular with banks, payment providers, and exchanges. There are more 100 of traditional banks among Ripple’s customers, including 11 from TOP-100 banks in the world. Some of the big names to use the platform are Bank of America, Credit Agricole, Santander, and MUFG. Ripple as well offers its services to corporations enabling them to make their global payments to merchants, suppliers and employees cost-efficient.

XRP is a cryptocurrency token, a native asset of Ripple network. With the launch of the platform 100 billion XRP were issued, and their number is kept constant to this day (as of August 2018). It is not possible to mine Ripple tokens, unlike Bitcoin or Ethereum’s Ether. XRP serves two functions on the network. First, it serves as a bridge currency in cases when no direct market exists between two currencies that are being exchanged on the network. Secondly, it protects the Ripple platform from spam and DDoS: each account is required to have a reserve of 20 XRP, and every transaction on Ripple costs a small fee in its native currency.

Las criptomonedas Símbolo Ripple Price Market cap Volume 24h
Ripple XRP $0.4412 $17,793,029,163 $1,145,735,653

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Ripple (XRP)

Rango #2
$0.4412 (-1.86%)
0.00009700  BTC

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1 USD 2.27 XRP
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20 USD 45.33 XRP
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100 USD 226.65 XRP
250 USD 566.62 XRP
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1000 USD 2266.47 XRP
2000 USD 4532.94 XRP
5000 USD 11332.34 XRP
10000 USD 22664.69 XRP