PHI1612 monedas de algoritmo

PHI1612 is a unique algorithm that combines PoW and PoS technologies. Luxcoin is currently the only cryptocurrency that implemented it. A user can switch between PoW and PoS to regulate the speed of mining. When being in the PoW mode, the algorithm is completely ASIC resistant and GPU mining friendly. On the other hand, you can use the PoS mode when you need to leave your computer and the system will still mine coins for you.

# Nombre Precio 1 Hora 1 Día 1 Semana Capitalización de mercado Volumen (24h) Gráfico de precios
1 LUXCoin LUX $0.6688 -0.26% -5.60% -21.76% $2.09M $17.82K