Rank #16

Founded Date:
Oct. 18, 2015

Trading fee:

TopBtc is a cryptocurrency trading platform based in Australia and founded by DABTC PTY LTD. It was founded by Fu Wenke, who formerly worked for Qinghuaziguang, Qianlong tech, Huaping stock, and other Chinese companies that operate in the field of asset trading and gambling. Currently, Fu is the CEO of TopBtc. It appears that the company’s headquarters are in Australia to avoid hard Chinese cryptocurrency regulations. Unlike other Australian exchanges, TopBtc is not a member of the Australian Digital Commerce Association. The exchange is focused on peer-to-peer trading. There are no fiat deposits or withdrawals. All operations are made via cryptocurrency. The trading fee for both makers and takers is 0.20%.

Trading statistics
Rank Coins Markets Total volume 24h
16 31 37 $648,584,232

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